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    This Collection of Classes is for people in the South Jersey and Philadelphia region to pick up Curling as their new sport.
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    Step 1: Choose your Intro to Curling date (Level 1) $55

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    The Curling Journey your first 3 days 2 


     COVID-19 precautions in place

    -Proof of vaccination against Covid-19 is required for all attendees.

    -We prefer all participants wear a mask while in the building. If you wear glasses, please use a mask that makes a good seal around the nose, as the cold temperature of the arena can cause significant fogging of glasses.  Bandage tape is quite helpful for sealing the top edge of the mask to the face.

     -Physical distancing, to the extent possible.  We expect all participants and instructors to do their best to maintain social distancing. However, during instruction, there are likely to be very brief periods of time during which 6 feet distancing is not practical.

     -DO NOT ATTEND your intro to curling lesson if you are experiencing cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, sore throat, or fever, or if someone in your household is experiencing these symptoms.  A negative COVID-19 test does NOT mean an exemption to this rule.

     -All equipment will be sterilized before and after use. 

    Children and Youth Policy

    -At this time the minimum age for participation in open Introduction to Curling classes is 14 years old. Children younger than 14 often cannot throw the rock the length of the playing surface and tend to lack the focus required to play the game safely with adults.

    - We hope to offer youth curling Intro classes in late spring of 2022. If you would like to be added to the notifications list for these events please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    What to expect at an Introduction to curling class

    JPCC's Introduction to curling class is designed to teach you the basic skills of the sport. The slide, releasing the rock with "handle" and Sweeping. 

    The class is 2hrs in length. We will start the event with a brief safety talk and an explanation of the game of curling. Then we’ll take you on to the ice for roughly an hour of instruction. Moving into about an hour of actual game time, with coaching from our instructors throughout the game.

    Arrival:  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your event’s start time, and stop by our registration table in the lobby.  You will be asked to sign a liability waiver and make a nametag for yourself. We ask that participants not “pre-game” to excess, as curling requires balance and concentration.  Participants who are visibly intoxicated at arrival will not be allowed on the ice.

    What to wear

     All curling-related equipment will be provided. 

    Shoes:  Wear clean comfortable sneakers with deep treads and rubber soles. Avoid Boots and hard-soled shoes

    Legs:  Wear loose comfortable slacks.  Sweats, yoga pants, or golf slacks are ideal… jeans are a very poor choice as they are too constrictive and tend to get wet and stay wet (and cold).

    Torso:  Wear a T-shirt and a comfortable sweatshirt or light sweater and light jacket.  Once we start curling and sweeping, the jackets tend to come off.  Some people like to wear gloves, but most find they’re warm enough without them. The average temp in the arena is 30-40 degrees sometimes lower.

    Head:  A sports helmet (such as a biking or skating helmet) is highly recommended.  Most experienced curlers don’t wear them, but since you can’t be sure how your particular shoes are going to grip the ice, it’s always a good idea for first-timer curlers to wear a helmet.  If you don’t have a helmet, then a knit toque with a thick, soft brim or backward baseball cap is better than no protection at all in the event of a fall.

    Face:  Wear a big cheerful smile ( under your mask) and be ready to have an absolute blast!

    Please plan to stay after the lesson for Broomstacking!  The best part of curling. Hang out for a drink with your instructor and other real, local curlers.  

    We’re really looking forward to teaching you our sport!

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    We are an arena ice #curling club located in southern New Jersey. We welcome new and experienced curlers to join us for Intro to Curl and Leagues!